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The Exclusive Smiths Gauge World Wide Sales & Service Center

Jeep Replacement Water Temperature Gauge for Military, Vintage and Industrial Applications

Quantities Limited @ $65.00

Call APT Instruments at 952-881-7095 to order or email info@gaugeguys.com


    An authentic reproduction of the old Jeep/Willys gauge with spiral wrap housing for additional protection.  All heavy-duty components, fittings, and hardware.   Almost bullet proof!  Note:  The image at the left does not do justice to the actual gauge. These gauges are cosmetically perfect.

    The artwork is modeled after W.W.II Jeep gauges, with dovetail pointer, 220 degree face dial, and soft rounded bezel.  Produced with the highest attention to detail and accuracy.

    A provision for internal lighting and bulb assembly is included, as well as mounting bracket and hardware.

    Each gauge is warranted for 1 year.

    Capillary tube length 24"
    Male nut fitting 5/8" 18 thread
    Canister outside dimension 2-1/8"  

Call 952-881-7095 to order or email info@gaugeguys.com.   Ask for Part Number HCT1-3832-03B.

SORRY...NO  OTHER JEEP GAUGES FOR  SALE.  However, we can repair most existing Jeep gauges.







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Last modified: October 08, 2013